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List of Faculty Members
Chief Director, Center of Industrial and Environmental Hazards Detection
Name Title Degree Research
Jiunn-Jyi Lay Professor and Director, Energy Research Center / Chairperson Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), Tohoku University, Japan ●Waste water engineering
●Water quality and pollution control
●Water chemistry
●Environmental microbiology
●Solid waste management
●Water supply and wastewater analysis
●Statistics analysis
Yi-Li Lin Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering), National Taiwan University ●Water treatment technologies (membrane separation, adsorption, and advanced oxization)
●Transport and processing of emerging contaminants
●Carbon capture and storage and waste to resource
●Assessment of drinking water quality standards
●Functional assessment for water purification plants
Hua-Shan Tai Professor Ph.D. (Engineering), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology ●Waste treatment and waste to resource
●Environmental management
●Pollution control
●Renewable energy
Jenq-Renn Chen Distinguished Professor and Director, the Southern Center for Emergency Response of Toxic Substance Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), Imperial College London ● Chemical process safety
●Semiconductor process safety
●Management of chemical disasters
Chih-Ju Jou Distinguished Professor and
Chief Director, Research and Development Center for Water Resources Conservation
Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), New Jersey Institute of Technology, US ●Pollution treatment and waste to resource
●Development and conservation for water resources
●Industrial safety
Ping-Chi Hsu Professor and Director, Research Center for Environmental Health and Biotechnology D.M.S. Ph.D. (Basic Medical Sciences), National Cheng Kung University ●Industrial health
●Environmental health
●Industrial and environmental toxicology
●Assessment of reproductive hazard
Chung-Hsuang Hung Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering), Purdue University, US ●Air pollution control technology
●Water and wastewater treatment technologies
●Nano photocatalyst
●Physical and chemical treatment
●Analysis of interfacial phenomena
●Advanced oxidation technology
●Fluidized Crystallization decontamination technology
●Environmental quality analysis
●Distribution of environmental toxic substances, and exposure and risk assessments
Kuang-Chung Tsai Professor
Ph.D. (Fire Safety Engineering), University of Edinburgh, UK ●Fire safety engineering
●Building codes
●Investigation of fire accidents
●Fire dynamics
●Fireproof materials
●Performance-based design for fire protection
Shen-Yi Chen Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering), National Chiao Tung University ●Environmental biotechnology
●Biological treatment of heavy metal
●Analysis of
for environmental pollution
●Environmental nanotechnology
Der-Jen Hsu Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Health Sciences), Johns Hopkins University, US ●Industrial health
●Respiratory tract
●Work environment measurement
●Indoor air quality
Chan-Cheng, Chen Professor Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), National Taiwan University ●Engineering statistics
●Statistical process control
●Dynamic simulation of chemical process
●Principles of safety science
Horng-Jang Liaw Professor Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), National Taiwan University ●Process safety
●Chemical safety
●Fire safety
Chung-Hwei Su Professor Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), National Sun Yat-sen University ●Analysis of indoor thermal environment
●Commissioning of fire safety equipment
●Control strategies and full-scale verification for the smoke control system
Hong-Te Hsu Associate Professor Ph.D. (Mechanical Systems Engineering), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan ●Safety systems and engineering
●Design for mechanical safety
●Electrical phenomena and safety
●Inherent safety
●Accountability of humans
●Explosion-proof electrical engineering
Chen-hua Wang Associate Professor Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), University of Cincinnati, US ●Mechanical integrity
●Computerized maintenance management system
●Expert system
●Mechanical safety and reliability engineering
●Quantitative risk assessment in safety instrument system
Chia-Wei Lee Associate Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences), Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, US ●Environmental and occupational health
●Exposure and risk assessments
●Biological monitoring
●Air pollution
●Analysis for trace toxic substances
Shyi-Tien Chen Associate Professor Ph.D. (Civil and Environmental Engineering), University of Winsconsin-Madison, US ●Soil Remediation
●Molecular biotechnology
●Planning and design for wastewater treatment plants
●Anaerobic biotechnology
●Biological toxicology
●Statistics analysis
Mengshan Lee Associate Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering),
Florida International University, US
●Environmental Planning and Management
●Environmental Impact Assessment (Life Cycle Assessment)
●Best Management Practices for Water Reclamation and Water-use Efficiency
●Resource Conservation and Recycling
●Water-Energy Nexus
Yi-Chieh Lai Associate Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering), National Cheng Kung University
M.S. (Environmental Engineering), National Cheng Kung University
●Air Pollution
●Green Energy Technology
●Waste Recycling
●High Energy Chemistry
Yu-Li Huang Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Environmental Health Sciences), University of Michigan, US ●Health risk appraisal
●Health risk management and communication
●Environmental health management
●Pollutants transport modeling
●Air pollution research
●Industrial health
Tsung-Yueh Tsai Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), Hiroshima University, Japan ●Ozone oxidation process
●Catalytic reduction reaction at normal temperature and pressure
●Biological activated carbon treatment
●Plastic waste recycling technologies
●Recycling management of laboratory wastes
Hsiao-Yun Tsai Assistant Professor PhD, Institute of Engineering Science & Technology,
National Kaohsiung First University of Science & Technology
●Emergency Response of Chemical Incidents
●Industrial Safety
●Environmental Analysis